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I am Raghuvamsh Chavali, an awarded and published photographer and the visionary behind Picx Co. My journey began unexpectedly when I stumbled upon a camera, propelling me across India's diverse landscapes and cultures, capturing moments that breathe with life. Transitioning to Canada, I now specialize in portraying people's stories, immortalizing childhood innocence, intimate family gatherings, and nurturing the aspirations of budding models through meticulously crafted portfolios. Alongside this passion, I contribute my alternate skill set as a Lead Product Consultant in corporate landscapes. Embracing the belief in the strength of community and collaboration, I invite you to partake in the unfolding story of artistry and expression. For more about me and my work, you can visit


Through my lens, I capture landscapes, wildlife, bustling streets, and the raw essence of humanity. My photography isn't just a snapshot; it's an intricate language that scripts the chapters of my life. Beyond the lens, I step into the world of IT as a Lead Business & Product Consultant, adding depth to my professional tapestry. With every medium I engage in, a symphony of passion and dedication resonates, propelling me forward. I extend my hand in friendship and creative alliance, inviting you to explore the artistry and expression that define my story. Let the Light Speak :) 

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