My Wildlife Tour to Ranthambore

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Day1- ' The Arrow Head Shot'

It was a Jeep Safari and as a sign of welcome, I found a group of langurs, peacocks, spotted deer, and sambar deer. "It is a great thrill searching for the wild cat in the woods when you realize that it is already watching you". That is exactly what happened to me when I entered the Ranthambore National Park. A Head on with 'Arrow Head' (name of the Tigress) and its cubs at Zone4 in my first safari. The cubs were still in the process of acquiring skills of hunting as I have seen them failing to grab their prey like the rabbit and the calf which had come to a water body in the tiger`s arena to quench their thirst. It was a very close encounter which I could experience for about an hour. Finally, when I was heading back towards the entrance gate, I could capture a camouflage picture of a Spotted Owl on a tree branch marking the end of the day.

Day2 - 'You don`t get a Candy every day '.

My expectation for the 2nd Day raised to heights and I was very confident in spotting the wild cat again with those confident words from my guide. On the contrary, After a long search around the forest (Zone3), I could hardly witness a tiger`s cub relaxing deep behind the bushes where I couldn`t even focus my lens. On the other way round, I could get some beautiful captures of the elegant peacocks and vireo birds.

Day3 - 'When You Hit The Bulls Eye'.

As I entered the Zone 10 in the forest, I could see only a couple of jeeps which made me think I may not be able to sight anything in this jungle. I was literally bored and was irritated with the heat after a couple of hours. Later, It was a lovely sigh of relief to watch a Peacock dancing to impress the peahens around. It continued for almost about 45 minutes (Mogambo Khush Hua!)




I could see the black stripes on the golden skin moving behind the bushes, but the only concern was I could even hear the breath of the creature. It was just a few feet away, I was all set with my gear and got ready to capture. My guide just drove the jeep couple of feet back and the wild cat woke up for the sound. Then all I could do is Focus and "CLICK !"CLICK !""CLICK !""CLICK !""CLICK !"

That was really a very close encounter, where I could have been a HAPPY MEAL to the mistress.

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