• Raghuvamsh Chavali


Living close to nature has been the greatest advantage to take a closer look at the new born species. These kittens are just 2 weeks old and they are extremely curious to know what`s happening outside their world like our kids do. They scream out loud to gain the attention of other creatures to express their feelings of hunger and anxiety. It`s really cute to see them this way, but understanding with the human intensions can make them cautious and perplex their movements. Their mom left them alone last night to teach them the basic lessons of how to lead their life, toddle around and take care of themselves independently

There may be several reasons, but optimistically, it`s so great to see such daring initiative taken by the adult creature to nurture them towards the enhancement of their future livelihood. We have brought home these toddlers to feed them and provide the warmth which the were looking for. It`s an amazing experience to capture their first steps over our laps by taking the grip with the tender nails they have.

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